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When it comes to criminal defense, there are advantages to being a native.

I am Delco born and bred. I completed my undergraduate studies at West Chester University, where I also played football, and earned my Juris Doctor at Widener University. I formed my practice in Delaware County because I want people in my community and in surrounding areas to have access to experienced and assertive legal help when facing criminal charges.

As a Delco native and established criminal lawyer, I am intimately familiar with the workings of the criminal court system here. By interacting extensively with judges and facing off regularly with prosecutors, I have come to know how they approach cases, how they react and how I can shape my defense strategies to benefit my clients. Whether someone is facing simple misdemeanor or serious felony charges in Pennsylvania, there is simply no substitute for this combination of experience and familiarity with the criminal court system.

People whose freedom is on the line deserve better than to be told simply what they want to hear. I have developed a reputation as an attorney who tells it like it is, and even when the cards may seem stacked against a client, I will do everything possible to find a way to a better outcome.

I am actively involved in the local legal community, including the criminal division of the Delaware County Bar Association. Click the link below to access my profile and learn more about my background and experience.

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