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By the time police arrive and arrest someone in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on suspicion of assault, few people have had the time to process what happened. Many assault cases arise as a result of:

  • Domestic arguments that unexpectedly turn physical
  • Altercations at bars or other places where alcohol may be involved
  • Disagreements following an accident

Regardless of the cause, I understand as an experienced criminal defense attorney that when it comes to assault, almost no one expects to need a lawyer, let alone face the possibly serious consequences of a criminal conviction. That’s why I, Kevin O'Neill, at The Law Offices of Kevin M. O'Neill, LLC, approach every case ready to use my experience, understanding of the criminal process and passionate belief in the rights of the accused to help clients obtain a favorable outcome.

Good people can make mistakes. Good people can also be the target of allegations that are exaggerated or completely fabricated. No matter what resulted in you being charged with an assault in Pennsylvania, I will find a way to help you.

A Zealous Advocate To Help You Confront Assault Charges In Pennsylvania

Assault charges in the commonwealth are classified as either simple or aggravated. Simple assault charges are classified as misdemeanors, meaning that in most cases people are looking at fines and minimal jail time at worst.

Aggravated assault, by contrast, is classified as a felony, and a conviction on felony charges can lead to severe prison sentences. Circumstances that can result in aggravated assault charges include:

  • Causing or attempting to cause serious bodily injury to another person while exhibiting an “extreme indifference to the value of human life”
  • Using a deadly weapon such as a gun
  • Attacking police officers, teachers or certain other public officials

In both misdemeanor and felony cases, I work quickly to uncover the facts and any evidence that might work in a client’s favor. By understanding the facts and the course of action the prosecutor is likely to pursue, I can determine whether a client’s best option is to negotiate for a plea deal or take a case to trial.

You didn’t expect to need a lawyer. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have regular communication with your lawyer for the duration of your case. I make it a priority to keep my clients in the loop about their cases at all times, and to be available whenever necessary to answer questions.

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