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Why A Misdemeanor Charge Is More Serious Than You Think

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor DUI, drug, theft or assault charge in Delaware County, your main goal is likely to avoid jail time. When you learn that not every misdemeanor conviction guarantees jail time, you may be tempted to plead guilty and accept the penalties in order to “move on.”

However, little or no jail time does not mean you won’t pay for the conviction for the rest of your life.

That’s why at The Law Offices of Kevin M. O'Neill, LLC, I take every charge seriously, analyze the evidence thoroughly and build the best defense for you to decrease the chances of conviction, or minimize the impact on your life.

Protecting You From Suffering Lifelong Consequences

The following lifelong repercussions are associated with a misdemeanor conviction:

  • Difficulty qualifying for housing: A misdemeanor conviction on your criminal record could disqualify you from renting many places. Some landlords may take into consideration what the misdemeanor was for, while others may not accept any misdemeanors at all. This greatly reduces your options on where you can live, and you may be forced to look for housing at a higher cost, or forced to live in an area that accepts criminal records but was not your first choice for location.
  • Inability to qualify for federal financial aid for college: A drug conviction will prohibit you from receiving federal financial aid, including grants and loans for college for a period of time. This could force you to discontinue your education, not graduate on time or struggle to make ends meet to pay for your education.
  • Barriers to attaining employment: Many employers conduct criminal background checks during the hiring process, which could mean losing out on a favorable job. Furthermore, if a drug conviction prevented you from completing your education, you may be limited on career choices and job options.

Protecting You Today And Tomorrow

You should not have to struggle in any of these areas for the rest of your life, or be put in situations that hinder you financially because of this one mistake. An attorney or lawyer who is skilled and experienced in criminal defense can help you find out how to minimize the impact of misdemeanor charges against you.

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