Restoring Hope For A Positive Outcome

Anyone can tell a person facing criminal charges what he or she wants to hear. It takes an effective, experienced criminal defense lawyer to be straightforward with a client, even when the facts seem to be against them, and find a way to give the client hope that there can be a positive outcome.

For people charged with felonies and misdemeanors in Pennsylvania, this is exactly the kind of honest, results-oriented legal help that I provide. I established my Delaware County firm out of a deep-founded belief that people deserve a passionate advocate to confront criminal charges and avoid convictions, the consequences of which are often devastating. I work tirelessly first to give my clients hope, then to get them results.

A Firm Promise: Be Straightforward, And Keep Clients Well-Informed About Their Cases

Anyone charged with a crime wants nothing more than for those charges to simply disappear. Even when the charges are relatively minor, however, it is important that people feel able to reach out to their lawyer if they have questions or concerns, or just need reassurance that their cases are receiving the attention they deserve.

Because I exclusively handle criminal defense in Pennsylvania, I can devote the resources that criminal cases need. With this dedicated focus and an insider's familiarity with all aspects of the criminal court system, I give my clients a fighting chance to overcome criminal charges, whether they are simple misdemeanors or serious felonies.

Discuss Your Case Now

I offer a consultation with flexible payment arrangements, in many cases. For experienced legal help, email me, Delaware County criminal defense attorney Kevin M. O'Neill, or call 484-464-2052. I meet with clients at my Media office and can arrange jail or other out-of-office visits when necessary.