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What Does Pennsylvania Law Say About Underage Drinking And DUI?

Pennsylvania has tough laws around underage drinking and underage DUI. The strict penalties are meant to discourage anyone under age 21 from drinking or driving drunk. However, underage drinking and driving does happen in Delaware County, so it’s important to know what the law says about these penalties.

Defending You Aggressively Against Underage DUI Charges

Pennsylvania has a “zero tolerance law” for those who are convicted of driving under the influence while they are under the age of 21. For this reason, it’s important to retain a skilled and thorough criminal defense attorney who can reduce the chances of your conviction. At The Law Offices of Kevin M. O'Neill, LLC, I am a lawyer who has helped countless people with underage DUI charges.

Penalties for underage conviction of a DUI include:

  • Jail time ranging from two days to six months
  • Fines ranging from $500 to $5,000
  • Driver’s license suspension for one year

If you are arrested for or charged with underage drinking in Pennsylvania, the fines you may face are:

    • A minimum fine of $500
    • Paying additional court costs

Fighting To Protect Your Driving Privileges

Pennsylvania also enforces loss of driving privileges as a result of underage drinking. The minimum penalties for underage drinking when it comes to driver’s license suspension are:

  • Ninety days for your first offense
  • One year for your second offense
  • Two years for your third or subsequent offense
  • If you don’t have a driver’s license when you are charged with underage drinking, you cannot apply for one until your suspension period is complete.

At The Law Offices of Kevin M. O'Neill, LLC, I understand how important your driver’s license is. Because I am a local attorney who is from the area, who has worked with every district attorney in the county, I know what they are likely to argue against you. We can strategically take a look at the evidence against you and see if we can get charges dropped, dismissed or if we can minimize the penalties against you.

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