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Helping You Avoid The Most Severe DUI Penalties

  • “Am I going to lose my license?”
  • “How will I keep my job if I can’t drive?”
  • “What does a criminal conviction mean for my future?”

These are some of the many questions people often ask when they are arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Pennsylvania. Whether it is someone’s first experience with the criminal justice system or he or she has a prior arrest or conviction record, there is no question: The effects of a DUI conviction can be serious and have long-term repercussions.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can answer all these questions. More importantly, he or she can quickly figure out the right strategy to help a client avoid the most severe penalties. For people in Delaware County and surrounding parts of Pennsylvania, the firm to turn to is The Law Offices of Kevin M. O'Neill, LLC.

Know What’s At Stake In Your Case. Learn How I Can Help.

The stakes in your or your loved one’s case will depend on several factors, which include:

  • Whether this is the first DUI offense
  • The BAC at the time of arrest
  • Whether there were minors in the vehicle at the time of an arrest, intoxication led to an injury-causing accident or there are other factors that “enhance” potential punishments

Because every case looks somewhat different, I will personalize my defense strategy to the facts of your case and what matters most for your life and future. For example:

  • Many first-time offenders are eligible for accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD). I can determine whether a client qualifies for this program to minimize the penalties he or she faces.
  • I have represented many truck drivers who risk not only jail time and fines, but also loss of their commercial driver’s license and, as a result, their jobs. I understand that few people can afford to be off the job for long, and I fight to keep truck and other commercial drivers employed and on the road.
  • Younger people often ignore the ripple effect that a criminal conviction can have. People with records can have a harder time getting a job, a place to live, student loans or even joining the military. I will determine the best strategy to prevent a DUI charge from seriously affecting a client’s future.

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